At least 22 Afghan police killed in Taliban ambush

At least 22 police were killed in a Taliban ambush in Afghanistan’s western province of Farah late on Sunday, officials said, adding to the growing casualty toll on Afghan security forces fighting an increasingly confident insurgency.

‘Hate preacher’ Dr Zakir Naik broadcasts to Britain

The “personal television station” of a so-called Islamic preacher who was banned from entering Britain is being broadcast to millions of homes despite concerns about extremist content, an investigation has found.

Comoros ex-president remains arrested by authorities

Former Comoros president Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi  remains under arrest , while political opposition figures and lawyers expressed serious fears of assassinating him inside the prison.

Lebanese poet Joseph Awn sends message to Husseini poets

Lebanese poet Joseph Awn, in an interview with Imam Hussein Shrine Magazine, has called on poets to make a message of love, morality, and peaceful coexistence out of Husseini poetry to spread the teachings of the Ahlulbait, peace be upon them, all over the world.

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