U.N. pushes to avert ‘catastrophic’ U.A.E. attack on Yemen port

The United Nations launched an urgent diplomatic effort to head off an expected United Arab Emirates assault on Yemen’s most important port in the coming days, fearing an attack could create a humanitarian disaster and derail the most promising push in years to end the conflict, people familiar with the talks said.

Iraqi Nat’l Mushaf to be unveiled

A plan for writing a national manuscript (Mus'haf) of the Holy Quran in Iraq was implemented by the National Center of the Holy Quran Sciences affiliated to Iraqi Shias’ Awqaf (endowments) Office.

Shia missing persons families hold demonstration at youm-e-Ali procession

The families and supporters of missing Shia Muslims held a demonstration during Youm-e-Ali, peace be upon him, mourning procession of 21 Ramadan to protest against the enforced disappearance of their bread-earners across the Pakistani cities that commemorated the anniversary.

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