Bahraini regime forces raid houses across kingdom, detain many activists

Human rights activists say Bahraini regime forces have stormed dozens of houses and arrested tens of Shia activists across the Persian Gulf kingdom as the ruling Al Khalifah dynasty does not shy away from its heavy-handed clampdown on political dissidents and pro-democracy campaigners. 

Imam Hussein Holy Shrine to participate in intel conference at UN Headquarters

Imam Hussain Holy Shrine sent an official delegation to New York to participate in an international conference organized by the Imam Khoei Foundation at the UN Headquarters, in which the two holy shrines of Imam Hussain and al-Abbas and the Scientific Alliance for Research and Heritage will participate.

Iran, Iraq resume shipping line

Iraqi Ministry of Transport in a statement announced that after a three-year pause, the passenger shipping line has been resumed between Iran and Iraq through Shatt al-Arab-Arvand, IRNA reported.

Al-AbbasHoly Shrine opens the third edition of Qamar Cultural Forum

The Qamar Cultural Forum is an intellectual cultural forum that targets many social groups, and aims to confront the religious, cultural and social challenges using modern scientific methods and mechanisms away from intolerance and convulsion that lead to negative consequences that cause harm to society.

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