Courtyard of Imam Hussein to be eight times bigger

The Engineering and Technical Projects Department at Imam Hussein Holy Shrine revealed that the courtyard project of al-Aqeelah Zainab would add an area equal to eight times that of the Imam Hussein Courtyard after its completion.

British Muslims demand legal protection from Islamophobia

British Muslim organizations are urging Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and all other party leaders to adopt a newly proposed working definition of Islamophobia in an attempt to put pressure on a reluctant Home Office to follow suit.

Bahraini Shia family devastated after parents stripped of citizenship

Bahraini judicial officials have reportedly devastated a Shia family after they revoked the parents’ citizenship as the ruling Al Khalifah regime intensifies its crackdown against political dissidents and pro-democracy campaigners in the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom.

Seehofer tells Islam conference Muslims are a part of Germany

Horst Seehofer said on Wednesday in Berlin that "Muslims belong to Germany," speaking as he presided over the fourth German Islam Conference (DIK). The comments drew particular attention given Seehofer's past statement that Islam was not part of Germany.

Iraqi protesters rally to denounce Saudi-led aggression on crisis-hit Yemen

Thousands of people have taken to the streets in the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad to express outrage over the Saudi-led aerial bombardment campaign against Yemen, which has killed thousands of innocent civilians and reduced much of the Arab country's critical infrastructure to rubble.

Quran contest held in London

The Quran institute affiliated to the holy shrine of al-Abbas, peace be upon him, organized a Quran competition in London.

Boko Haram hacks farmers to death in NE Nigeria

Boko Haram terrorists have killed four farmers near the northeast Nigerian city of Maiduguri, in the latest bloodshed in the restive region, witnesses and a local militia leader said on Monday.

British MPs call for definition of Islamophobia as 'type of racism'

Harmful myths and lies about Muslims are now believed by a large section of the UK's population, contributing to discrimination across employment, housing, the criminal justice system and other areas of public life, a new report by MPs has found.

Afghan government to negotiate peace with Taliban

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani formed a 12-strong negotiating team to seek a peace agreement that would include the Taliban in a democratic and inclusive society that respects the rights of women, he told a UN conference on Wednesday.

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