People build wall of compassion at Boston Mosque

Showing solidarity with the Muslim community, about 200 people gathered at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, building a “Human Wall of Compassion” against recent anti-Muslim attacks.

Budapest to host Quranic manuscript conference

The center for religious studies at the Central European University, Budapest is going to host a conference on Quranic Manuscript Studies: State of the Field on May 4-6, 2017.

ISIS loses 20 militants and 2 car bombs

Twenty ISIS militants were eliminated and two vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices were detonated by the Popular Mobilization Forces, said QasimMuslih a brigade commander.

Muslim doctors serve Ohio needy

As Islamophobia increases across the west, Muslim doctors at the Noor Community Clinic, aka Muslim Clinic of Ohio continue to serve the under-insured and under-served, an effort kicked off seven years ago.


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