Vinegar of all types can be beneficial in several ways

Recent studies showed that vinegar of all types can be beneficial in several ways. One of the benefits of vinegar is that it improves blood sugar levels. Drinking apple cider vinegar before a high-carbohydrate meal improves insulin sensitivity, slowing the rate of blood sugar levels rising. Researchers note that vinegar may possess physiological effects similar to the anti-diabetes medications acarbose and metformin

Bahraini regime brutally tortures blind prisoner

A detainee, recently released from Jaw Prison, revealed to Bahrain Mirror that the blind prisoner, Jaafar Maatouk (24 years old), is being brutally tortured and beaten since the Jaw Prison incident on March 10. The detainee, who refused to disclose his identity, added that Maatouk was transferred from block 4 to the tents outside and is still detained there

Saudi airstrikes target mosques in Yemen and Saudi military spokesman prays with his shoes

Saudi media leaked a photo for the spokesman of Saudi military Ahmed Asiri while he was praying wearing his shoes. The photo made controversy over the possibility of praying while wearing ones shoes. According to the fatwas of Sunni scholars, one is allowed to pray with his/her slippers or shoes as this contradicts with what Jews do during their prayers

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