SRW: Shias in Pakistan are subjected to organized violence

A recent 18-page report titled "Statistics and Analysis of Information on Organized Violence, Terrorism and Intimidation Against Shias in Pakistan," was published by Shia Rights Watch International Organization.

IHTV delegation visits Holy Najaf Provincial Council

A delegation from Imam Hussein TV Group has visited the Holy Najaf Provincial Council and met with the council president, Khudhair al-Jubouri, council deputy Majeed Zaini, and the head of council’s security committee, Khalid al-Jash’ami.

Civilians wounded in Qatif shooting attacks

Two civilians have been wounded after a shooting in the kingdom’s oil-rich Eastern Province, where the Riyadh regime has launched a heavy-handed crackdown against the Shia Muslim population.

Pakistani pilgrim donates her jewelries to PMU martyrs' families

A Pakistani woman pilgrim has visited the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine where she took off and donated all of her golden jewelries to the families of the martyrs of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) who have been killed during the war against ISIS in Iraq.

Syrian forces advance in Homs despite ISIS counter-attack

The drive of Syrian forces in central Homs continues with new gains made and despite a recent ISIS counter-attack yesterday which pushed troops of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) off the al-Mashirfah hill near the strategic crossroad town of Jubb al-Jarrah.

Iraq announces 'victory' over ISIS in Mosul

Iraq’s prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, has declared victory over ISIS in Mosul after nearly nine months of bitter fighting to displace the extremist group from the city where it proclaimed its “caliphate”.

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