Religious, social and political figures host Sayed Hussein Shirazi in Kuwait

Sayed Hussein Shirazi, the respected son of the Grand Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq Shirazi, may Allah prolong his life, has landed in Kuwait’s International Airport, as groups of religious, social and political figuresheaded by the Sayed’s younger brother Sayed Ahmed al-Shirazi, welcomed his eminence.

UN: 10,000 civilian casualties in Afghanistan in 2017

More than 10,000 civilians lost their lives or suffered injuries during 2017, according to the latest annual UN report documenting the impact of the armed conflict on civilians in Afghanistan.

Minister of Water Resources praises the modern irrigation techniques used in al-Abbas Holy Shrine farms

In light of the water crisis that hit Iraq's rivers, which caused water scarcity in central and southern areas, Minister of Water Resources Hassan al-Janabi toured the agricultural projects of the al-Abbas Holy Shrine and the alternative water project, that uses modern technologies and deals with the water scarcity crisis either through drip irrigation, fixed spray irrigation, or axial sprays, to provide food security in Iraq.

Saudi cluster bombs continue to endanger Yemeni kids’ lives

Thousands of innocent children continue to fall victim to Saudi Arabia’s use of cluster bombs in aerial attacks on residential areas across the Yemen, corroborating assertions of violation of international law in the impoverished Arab country.

Sheikh Abdul Ridha Ma’ash tours Shia Centers in Tanzania

Al-Khatib al-Husseini, Husseini Preacher, Sheikh Abdul Ridha Ma’ash has begun his tour on the religious centers in the various provinces of Tanzania starting from Ahlulbait center in Arusha governorate, where the center contains a mosque, a conference hall, classrooms, a public library, restaurant and accommodations for students and scholars.

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