Shia world marks Imam al-Baqir birth anniversary

Holy shrines in Iraq, Syria, and Iran in addition to mosques, Husseiniyahs, and Islamic Centers in Islamic and non-Islamic countries are marking the birth anniversary of Imam Muhammad al-Baqir, peace be upon him.

ISIS plans to target Shia shrines in India

The ISIS-inspired module, that was busted recently, has revealed that several plans had been hatched to target Shia shrines in India, investigations have found.

Al-Askariyain holy grille to be installed soon

Sheikh Satar al-Murshidi, Secretary General of al-Askariyain Holy Shrine, announced that soon will be the installation of the holy shrine’s grille in his visit to Imam Hussein holy shrine.

SRW publishes its monthly report

Shia Rights Watch International Organization published the latest monthly report of the anti-Shia movements in March 2017. 

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