Saudi Arabia

Title Published Date
Ansarullah slams Arab League support for Saudi war on Yemen 31 March 2015
Kuwait arrests activists opposing war on Yemen 31 March 2015
Protests held in Eastern province of Saudi Arabia lambast Saudi invasion of Yemen 29 March 2015
Saudi Arabia launches military intervention in Yemen 27 March 2015
Saudi preacher issues fatwa calling on capturing Shia women to be given for the so-called IS jihadists 20 March 2015
Free Muslim Organization hails Swedish government's cancellation of arm deal with tyrant regimes 18 March 2015
Amnesty International warns Saudi beheadings set ‘unprecedented’ pace 16 March 2015
Analysts say Saudi Arabia's new King Salman might have Alzheimer's disease 28 January 2015
Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah dies 24 January 2015
Saudi cleric's snowman verdict causes controversy 13 January 2015
Saudi Grand Mufti declares Prophet's birthday celebrations as heresy 04 January 2015
Saudi Arabia beheads 83 people in 2014 01 January 2015
Takfiri terrorists kill 8 Shia mourners and injure 30 in Saudi Arabia 05 November 2014
Saudi Criminal Court sentenced a Shia activist to 9 years in prison 01 November 2014
Saudi Arabia imprisons 3 lawyers for criticizing judiciary 01 November 2014
Saudi Arabia escalates targeting Shia minority 22 October 2014
Islamic foundations and Shia channels say Sheikh Nimr's execution clear targeting to all Shia Muslims 22 October 2014
Quran exhibition opens in Qatif 22 October 2014
Reports claim Saudi king might be already dead 13 October 2014
Thousands of Saudis attend Shia human rights activist funeral 09 October 2014

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