12 civilians injured by ISISchemical attack in Mosul


Twelve civilians were injured in a chemical attack conducted by the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) militants in Mosul.

The attack was launched on the liberated areas of Mosul, using highly toxic gases, a police officer in the province of Nineveh said. 

Captain Yunis Mohammed said in a press statement on Saturday that at least twelve civilians, including women and children, suffered severe suffocation, as a result of a chemical attack with toxic gases conducted by the ISIS militants.

According to Mohammed, ISIS shelled the liberated areas of al-Adala, Bab al-Saray and Shaer Nineveh with missiles containing highly toxic gasses. He added that all casualties were transferred to nearby hospitals and medical centers immediately.

The operation against ISIS in Mosul continues, as the Iraqi forces backed by the US-led coalition continue advancing deeper into western Mosul.



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