Foundation in Karbala announces the provision of credit cards to citizens


Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation announced that it will provide credit cards (ATM cards) to citizens in the holy city of Karbala.

It said in a statement that citizens in the city of Karbala can open accounts with the Foundation and receive a credit card with benefits.  

The aim of this initiative is to carry little to no money for safety reasons, facilitate the purchase of items, and spread the culture of financial savings as well as to help the poor, registered with the Foundation, to purchase household appliances and furniture in installment plans. 

The statement pointed out that one of the characteristics of credit cards that the Foundation intends to provide is to have the prices be lower than the retail cash price, while being compatible with well-known companies and stores in the holy city, in addition to other benefits awarded to card users.  

Citizens can deposit from fifty thousand up to five hundred thousand Iraqi dinars in the card and pay it off in installment plans for five months without any interest.


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