Protesters demand to release missing Shias in Pakistan immediately

Shia Muslims registered their protest against enforced disappearance of innocent members of the community.

Notably, they held a protest demo after Noon prayers on Ashura Day in Karachi.

Most importantly, the affected families and general public gathered to demand unanimously for immediate release of missing Shias.

Furthermore, MWM deputy secretary general Allama Ahmed Iqbal spoke to the protesters.

He lambasted the ruling elites from top to bottom for said enforced disappearance, holding all responsible for it.

Moreover, he vowed that the Shia community would not sit comfortably until the release of each and every incarcerated member.

Meanwhile, the protesters also marked solidarity with the families of missing Shia who are staging sit-in in Karachi.

They also assured of their all out support to them against enforced disappearance of innocent Shias.


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