Bahrain executes three activists despite calls to halt death sentences


Bahrain has executed three pro-democracy activists on two separate cases, defying widespread calls to commute the death sentences handed to the prisoners in an "unfair" mass trial.

Ahmad al-Malali, 24, and Ali Hakim al-Arab, 25, were executed at Jaw prison, south of the Bahraini capital Manama, on Friday after private meetings with their families.

Al-Malali and al-Arab were sentenced to death last year in a mass trial along with another 56 men who were convicted and given jail terms on "terrorism crimes".

The Public prosecutor's office announced the men were put to death on charges of possessing firearms and killing a police officer. 

The Bahrain Centre for Human Rights said that the families of the two had received phone calls from Jaw prison for private visits - a procedure that usually precedes execution.

Mullali and Arab were arrested separately in February 2017.

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