Imam Hussein Holy Shrine

Title Published Date
Imam Hussein Holy Shrine to replace the holy red flag 09 September 2018
Photos: Imam Hussein holy shrine decorated with calligraphy amid joyful celebrations on Eid al-Ghadir 30 August 2018
Top women Quran activists honoured in Iraq 30 August 2018
Karbala to host ‘Tarateel Sajjadiyah’ Int’l Festival 29 August 2018
19thof Dhu al-Hijjah: International Day of Karbala’s Oppression 26 August 2018
Ahl al-Bayt followers in different parts of the world celebrate Eid al-Adha 22 August 2018
Educational courses for Quranic media activists begin in Iraq 21 August 2018
Millions of Ahl al-Bayt lovers participate in Arafa pilgrimage in the holy city of Karbala 21 August 2018
Cameroonian journalist, in Karbala, tells about his embracing Islam 15 August 2018
Imam Hussein Holy Shrine announces the completion of educational centers 07 August 2018
Hospital of Imam Hussein Shrine offers free-of-charge cornea surgery 31 July 2018
Advancement in Eleqeeleh Zaineb Shrine project still underway 29 July 2018
Faculty of Islamic Sciences coming soon in Karbala 29 July 2018
Karbala hosting Quran competition for Iraqi women 24 July 2018
Specialized Quranic courses for university students underway in Iraq 24 July 2018
2100 Iraqi students to take Quranic courses 22 July 2018
Activities of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine reach Asian and African countries 18 July 2018
Imam Hussein Holy Shrine offers free health services to orphans 16 July 2018
New design of Imam Hussein museum revealed 09 July 2018
2nd Int’l Conference on Arbaeen Pilgrimage planned in Iraq 04 July 2018

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