Imam Hussein Holy Shrine

Title Published Date
Courtyard of Imam Hussein to be eight times bigger 02 December 2018
Oxford University researches developing international museums in Karbala 28 November 2018
Oxford University researches developing international museums in Karbala 28 November 2018
Karbala International Airport: Capacity of one part expanded from 2 million to 6 million travelers a year 26 November 2018
Twenty two countries participate in First International Conference on Heritage and Antiquities of Iraq 26 November 2018
Researchers from three Islamic countries participate in First International Scientific Conference on Quran 26 November 2018
Lebanese poet Joseph Awn sends message to Husseini poets 26 November 2018
A scientific project is launched to determine the course of the al-Alqami River in Holy Karbala 22 November 2018
Two-floor annex being achieved for more free-of-charge surgeries 12 November 2018
Millions of mourners in Karbala to mark Arbaeen 31 October 2018
Dining facility of Imam Hussain Shrine intensifies efforts to serve Arbaeen pilgrims 28 October 2018
Peaceful-coexistence pact signed in Mosul – sponsored by Imam Hussain Shrine 21 October 2018
ISWF calls on Iraqi parliament to facilitate for pilgrims travel 14 October 2018
Religious leaders gather in Karbala to denounce spread of sectarian propaganda 11 October 2018
Winners of Arbaeen Int’l Photo Contest announced 07 October 2018
Imam Hussein Holy Shrine to participate in intel conference at UN Headquarters 03 October 2018
Imam Hussain Museum reveals rare rug that was placed near Imam Hussain’s martyrdom site 02 October 2018
Scholarly Quranic conference planned in Karbala 01 October 2018
Bani Asad Tribe participates in symbolic funeral of Imam Hussein 26 September 2018
Pakistani woman embraces faith of the Ahlulbait after visiting Karbala 24 September 2018

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