Imam Hussein Holy Shrine

Title Published Date
Imam Hussein Shrine announces significant details about new dome 24 January 2019
Photography competition for women planned in Karbala 23 January 2019
Metal structure of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine’s new dome completed 21 January 2019
New annex of Sefeer Hospital to open soon 16 January 2019
Imam Hussein Holy Shrine announces outcome of its work in reviving Karbala's cultural and scientific heritage 15 January 2019
Opening ceremony for new holy grille and Mukhaiem Sanctuary roofing project completion 14 January 2019
Last stage of tracking paths of Imam Hussein to Karbala 10 January 2019
Launching second phase of building largest tunnel in Karbala 09 January 2019
200-year-old manuscript found, presented to Imam Hussein Shrine 08 January 2019
Progress made on new basement project being built to hold 4000 pilgrims 06 January 2019
Large tunnel project to connect Imam Hussein Shrine with Abbas Shrine 05 January 2019
Call for short stories on ‘Women Helping Imam Hussein, peace be upon him’ 03 January 2019
Agreement between Imam Hussein Shrine and Sunni Muslim Endowment Bureau on manuscript restoration 01 January 2019
‘Women after Ashura’ theme of int’l conference in Iraq 31 December 2018
Details on new lattice-enclosed tomb of Martyrs released for first time 27 December 2018
Photo: Imam Hussein Holy Shrine installed new holy grille of Martyrs, peace be upon them. 26 December 2018
11th National Elite Quran Recitation Contest concludes its activities 25 December 2018
Removing old Martyrs holy grille to install new one 24 December 2018
Museum-management workshops held in Iraqi universities 20 December 2018
Troupe of Imam Hussein Shrine participates in international theatrical festival 19 December 2018


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