Imam Hussein Holy Shrine

Title Published Date
Imam Hussein Holy Shrine reopens two religious schools after being demolished by Baathist regime 03 January 2016
Ten million foreign pilgrims to visit Iraq for Arbaeen Pilgrimage 19 November 2015
Quran recitation session for visually-impaired held in Holy Karbala 18 November 2015
Holy Karbala overcrowded with pilgrims to perform Arafat rituals 23 September 2015
Imam Hussein Holy Shrine rewards top secondary school students of Iraq 24 August 2015
Tunisian converts visit the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine 15 August 2015
Campaign of collecting one million water bottles for Iraqi Shia fighters and security forces launched in Holy Karbala 02 August 2015
Jannatul Baqee gallery and exhibition held in Holy Karbala 28 July 2015
“Imam Baqir 1st International Festival kicks off in Holy Karbala 26 July 2015
Free Iftar served in Holy Karbala during the month of Ramadan 06 July 2015
Bodies of Shia worshipers of Kuwait Shia mosque reach Holy Karbala 29 June 2015
Grand Ayatollah Sayed Shirazi's office visits Secretary-General of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine 28 June 2015
Opening Quran bureau in Indonesia 22 June 2015
Quranic book attributed to Imam Sadiq, peace be upon him, reprinted in Karbala 17 June 2015
Tajweed course for Quran teachers underway in Karbala 27 April 2015
Dar-ol- Quran of the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine holds a Quranic gathering in Anbar 07 April 2015
The Imam Hussein Holy Shrine holds a special conference on cultural heritage in Holy Karbala 01 April 2015
Imam Hussein Museum attracts British academicians to train its staff 30 January 2015
Imam Ali Holy Shrine holds a ceremony for young Quran memorizers 25 January 2015
Imam Ali Holy Shrine holds a ceremony for young Quran memorizers 25 January 2015


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