Imam Hussein Holy Shrine

Title Published Date
International conference on demolition of Ahlulbayt's graves to be held 01 June 2017
Work underway to achieve al-Shuhada basement project 31 May 2017
Quran recitation ceremony in Imam Hussein Holy Shrine 31 May 2017
Middle East’s largest cardiac hospital to open in Karbala 29 May 2017
Volunteer female medical practitioners offer medical assistance to pilgrims 27 May 2017
Kirkuk's university and institute graduates celebrate at Imam Hussein Holy Shrine 24 May 2017
International Conference of Ibn Fehed al-Hilli at Imam Hussein Holy Shrine 24 May 2017
Professor from Indiana University donates 4000 books to Imam Hussein Holy Shrine 10 May 2017
Secretary-General of Sayyida Zaineb Holy Shrine: Holy shrines combat Islamic extremism 01 May 2017
Preparations for replacing holy grille of al-Taff Battle martyrs 01 May 2017
Pilgrim gives gift to Imam Hussein Holy Shrine 27 April 2017
Holy Shrines of Imam Hussein and al-Abbas open Karbala International Book Fair 26 April 2017
Graduates perform their oath inside Imam Hussein Holy Shrine 26 April 2017
Video shows Kerbala International Airport project advancement 25 April 2017
Imam Hussein Holy Shrine opens Dar al-Quran Center in Baghdad 18 April 2017
Islamabad Cultural Festival ends with presence of delegations of the holy shrines 04 April 2017
Imam Hussein Holy Shrine discusses holding Quranic courses in Indonesia 02 April 2017
Persevering work to achieve Lady Zaineb Sanctuary project 26 March 2017
New medical project for orphans and families of martyred PMUs 23 March 2017
IHTV group comes second in Best Reportage Competition 23 March 2017

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