Imam Hussein Holy Shrine

Title Published Date
Clerics of different religions meet in Kerbela and send message to three presidencies 09 March 2019
Korean Ambassador to Iraq: Proud to work with Imam Hussein Shrine to serve Karbala and its pilgrims 07 March 2019
Over 35 countries including Japan to attend international conference in Karbala 06 March 2019
Iraq-Based Dar-ol-Quran Center opens branch in Damascus 05 March 2019
Clerics of all religions in Iraq to gather at Imam Hussein Shrine 05 March 2019
Course to prepare teachers to teach Quran in Syria to be held 04 March 2019
Imam Hussein Shrine participates in symposium attended by 40 countries 28 February 2019
President of House of Fatwa in Australia arrives in Karbala 25 February 2019
Imam Hussein banner to be raised in Pakistan soon 25 February 2019
Fifteen million digital books, dissertations available for open access to public 20 February 2019
Arab and foreign countries to participate in Fourth International Children's Book Fair 19 February 2019
Intensive preparations made to hold global conference coinciding with birthday of Imam Hussein 16 February 2019
Gathering of women Quran memorizers underway in Karbala 13 February 2019
Muslims in Islamic and non-Islamic countries mark martyrdom anniversary 09 February 2019
Karbala to host gathering of women Quran memorizers 09 February 2019
Global and local publishing houses participate in the Childhood Exhibition in Karbala 07 February 2019
Opening seminary in Republic of Mali – West Africa 06 February 2019
Imam Hussein Holy Shrine will open extra spaces for more pilgrims 03 February 2019
More than 100 Quranic students from 22 countries arrive in Karbala 03 February 2019
Imam Hussein Holy Shrine to establish cultural institution in West Africa 31 January 2019


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