Imam Hussein Holy Shrine

Title Published Date
Imam Hussein Shrine graduates new group of Braille teachers 22 August 2017
Officers swear oath of loyalty to Iraq at Imam Hussein Holy shrine 21 August 2017
Commander of Anti-Terrorism Force: Karbala very well protected 19 August 2017
Attractive piece of marble displayed at Imam Hussein Museum 17 August 2017
Call for cooperation in compiling Arbaeen Pilgrimage encyclopedia 14 August 2017
More than 5 million pieces of mirror to cover inner walls and ceilings of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine 10 August 2017
Seventy female Quran reciters gather in Imam Hussein Holy Shrine for skill development 31 July 2017
Basement being achieved in Imam Hussein Holy Shrine 27 July 2017
Iraqi Martyrs' families celebrate victory over ISIS 16 July 2017
Pakistani pilgrim donates her jewelries to PMU martyrs' families 11 July 2017
Al-Mustansiriya University exchanges expertise with Imam Hussein Holy Shrine 10 July 2017
Replica of Lady Fatima’s box exhibited at Imam Hussein museum 08 July 2017
Cultural week festival to be held in Lebanon 04 July 2017
PMU Brigade encounters 150 displaced persons fleeing ISIS heading to the Iraqi-Syrian border 01 July 2017
Orthodox Archbishop visits Holy Karbala 21 June 2017
Imam Hussein Holy Shrine announces expansion project updates 20 June 2017
Three million people present rug of pure silk to Imam Hussein Holy Shrine 14 June 2017
Sub-project completing Imam Hussein expansion project 05 June 2017
Persevering work underway to achieve al-AqeelaZaineb Sanctuary 04 June 2017
International conference on demolition of Ahlulbayt's graves to be held 01 June 2017

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