Imam Hussein Holy Shrine

Title Published Date
Imam Hussein Shrine holds annual conference on Lady Zaineb 30 October 2017
Iranian pilgrims moving toward Iraqi border for Arbaeen 26 October 2017
Preparations finalized to hold photo gallery in Paris 25 October 2017
First International Conference on Arbaeen Pilgrimage 17 October 2017
New method of building walls adopted to build Lady Zaineb courtyard 12 October 2017
Fourth International Conference on Treatise of Rights of Imam al-Sejjad to begin soon 12 October 2017
Al-Shuheda basement project achieved and will be open for Arba'een pilgrims 10 October 2017
Project of thinning pillars surrounding holy grille nearing completion 08 October 2017
Bani Asad Tribe participates in symbolic funeral of Imam Hussein 05 October 2017
Millions of pilgrims mark Twereej Run ritual 01 October 2017
15000 meters of red carpet spread for Day of Ashura 30 September 2017
Imam Hussein Shrine's medical staff alert to helping pilgrims 30 September 2017
First annual conference for Husseini processions and service groups 30 September 2017
Imam Hussein Shrine opens Warith al-Embeya University 24 September 2017
The holy city of Karbala receives the month of Muharram with black banners 21 September 2017
Imam Hussein Holy Shrine to replace the holy red flag 21 September 2017
Preparations for launching project to qualify 1000 children 21 September 2017
Shias prepare to receive mourning month of Muharram 21 September 2017
Gallery of drawings held on occasion of Ghadeer Event 14 September 2017
Egyptian archeological delegation visits Imam Hussein center for maintaining antiquities 12 September 2017


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