Imam Hussein Holy Shrine

Title Published Date
Opening new kindergarten for orphans 17 December 2017
Arab Teacher Union directors visit Imam Hussein Shrine 16 December 2017
International Poetry Contest run by Imam Hussein Shrine Sponsored by the Secretariat-General of Imam Hussein Shrine, an international poetry contest has been run at Imam Hussein Shrine + Photos 14 December 2017
Imam Hussein Shrine holds first meeting for Human Development trainers 14 December 2017
Opening new Muslim Family Institute to educate Muslim families 12 December 2017
Important phase of al-Eqeelah courtyard project nearing completion 10 December 2017
First phase of basement project achieved 06 December 2017
Imam Hussein Shrine holds Second Annual Conference on Nahjul Balagha 06 December 2017
Imam Hussein Shrine supports gifted students 30 November 2017
Turkish Parliament: Imam Hussein's martyrdom great lesson for humanity 28 November 2017
Karbala TV Group to hold En-Nehj International Film Festival 23 November 2017
Imam Hussein Holy Shrine sponsors the establishment of religious in Afghanistan 21 November 2017
6000 volunteers assist Arbaeen pilgrims 07 November 2017
Large storage containers around Imam Hussein Shrine for pilgrims' luggage 07 November 2017
Largest mourning banner enters Imam Hussein Shrine 02 November 2017
Photos: The largest feaste in the world on the path of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him. 02 November 2017
Imam Hussein Holy Shrine prepares Entries for the wheel chaired during Arbaeen pilgrimage 02 November 2017
Al-Hassan al-Mujtaba pilgrim city now receiving pilgrims 01 November 2017
Delegation from United Nations visits Imam Hussein Manuscript Restoration Center 30 October 2017
Sefeer al-Imam al-Hussein hospital ready to receive Arbaeen patients 30 October 2017


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