Imam Hussein Holy Shrine

Title Published Date
Iraqi ambassador in Pakistan welcomes Neseem Karbala festival preparatory committee 17 March 2018
Naseem Karbala ‘Breeze of Karbala’ festival planned in Islamabad 14 March 2018
Islamic world shrines hold conference on serving pilgrims 06 March 2018
American doctor: What we've seen contradicts what mass media portrays 24 February 2018
New Braille teachers graduate from Imam Hussein Institute 21 February 2018
Imam Hussein Shrine participates in conference on developing youths' patriotism in Cyprus 20 February 2018
Karbala’s heritage displayed in Bein al-Haramein 10 February 2018
Imam Hussein Shrine hosts female religious students from Turkey 08 February 2018
French businessman presents unique manuscript to Imam Hussein Museum 04 February 2018
Imam Hussein shrine organizes scout camp for blind 28 January 2018
Preparations underway to hold 14th Annual Spring of Martyrdom International Conference 20 January 2018
Encyclopaedia of Karbala unveiled 17 January 2018
Themes of ‘Rabee’-ul-Shahadah’ Int’l Festival announced 14 January 2018
200 memorizers attend Quran Competition for women in Iraq+Photos 28 December 2017
Islamabad's Cultural Week's contests winners arrive at Imam Hussein Shrine 27 December 2017
Lady Zaineb Shrine project continues increasingly 20 December 2017
Karbala center Establishes the Scholarly Academic Assembly for Arba’een Pilgrimage 19 December 2017
Opening new kindergarten for orphans 17 December 2017
Arab Teacher Union directors visit Imam Hussein Shrine 16 December 2017
International Poetry Contest run by Imam Hussein Shrine Sponsored by the Secretariat-General of Imam Hussein Shrine, an international poetry contest has been run at Imam Hussein Shrine + Photos 14 December 2017

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