Imam Hussein Holy Shrine

Title Published Date
Shia Rights Watch mourns martyrs of Twereej Run 12 September 2019
Hoisting 34 black banners in Iraqi universities and institutes marking the month of Muharram 07 September 2019
Banner replacement ceremonies of Imam Hussain and al-Abbas Holy Shrines 31 August 2019
New dome of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine completed 15 July 2019
Thousands unite in Karbala to perform Eid prayer 05 June 2019
Relics found at construction site near Imam Hussein Holy Shrine 28 March 2019
Fadak Farm wins first place as best agricultural project 27 March 2019
Tunnel to be in service to help pilgrims and service departments in Karbala 25 March 2019
A Quran project in Burkina Faso 24 March 2019
Amir al-Muminin festival canceled in Kashmir 19 March 2019
Course held for enhancing Iraqi qaris’ skills 17 March 2019
Imam Hussein Holy Shrine organizes a Quran program for Iraqi universities 14 March 2019
Egyptian academics review role of Imam Hussein Shrine in developing religious tourism 13 March 2019
Imam Hussein Shrine announces advancement in expansion project of gates 12 March 2019
International Children's Theater Festival kicks-off in Karbala 11 March 2019
Clerics of different religions meet in Kerbela and send message to three presidencies 09 March 2019
Korean Ambassador to Iraq: Proud to work with Imam Hussein Shrine to serve Karbala and its pilgrims 07 March 2019
Over 35 countries including Japan to attend international conference in Karbala 06 March 2019
Iraq-Based Dar-ol-Quran Center opens branch in Damascus 05 March 2019
Clerics of all religions in Iraq to gather at Imam Hussein Shrine 05 March 2019

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