Imam Hussein Holy Shrine

Title Published Date
Group Quran competition for women concludes in Iraq 16 June 2018
Al-karbala'ey: Imam Hussain Shrine dome raising project should complete before upcoming major pilgrimages 15 June 2018
Expansion projects underway for ideal atmosphere for pilgrims 13 June 2018
Quranic competition for families planned in Karbala 19 May 2018
Quranic center for women opens in Karbala 12 May 2018
Millions of Ahlulbaits’ lovers in Karbala to celebrate Mid-Shabaan night + Photos 02 May 2018
Holy Karbala prepares to receive the birth anniversary of Imam Mahdi 29 April 2018
Karbala holds 4th edition of Rabee al-Shahada International Festival 21 April 2018
Holy Karbala prepares to receive the birth anniversary of Imam Hussein 19 April 2018
Great Prophet, al-Rasul al-Atham Husseiniya in London embraces the copy of Imam Hussein holy grille 16 April 2018
Imam Hussein Quran House for Women holds a Quran recitation session 09 April 2018
Lebanese ambassador in Iraq: Number of Lebanese pilgrims to Iraq constantly increasing 31 March 2018
Iraqi ambassador in Pakistan welcomes Neseem Karbala festival preparatory committee 17 March 2018
Naseem Karbala ‘Breeze of Karbala’ festival planned in Islamabad 14 March 2018
Islamic world shrines hold conference on serving pilgrims 06 March 2018
American doctor: What we've seen contradicts what mass media portrays 24 February 2018
New Braille teachers graduate from Imam Hussein Institute 21 February 2018
Imam Hussein Shrine participates in conference on developing youths' patriotism in Cyprus 20 February 2018
Karbala’s heritage displayed in Bein al-Haramein 10 February 2018
Imam Hussein Shrine hosts female religious students from Turkey 08 February 2018

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