Imam Ali Holy Shrine

Title Published Date
The al-Haidariyah library presents a rare lithographic copy belonging to Sheikh Mufid 21 February 2019
Mournful atmospheres at Imam Ali Holy Shrine for martyrdom anniversary of Lady Fatima 12 February 2019
Muslims in Islamic and non-Islamic countries mark martyrdom anniversary 09 February 2019
An art exhibition that embodies calamities of Lady Fatima al-Zahra in holy Najaf 04 February 2019
A Workshop has been held at the Imam Hassan Hall 03 February 2019
Advisor to Secretary-General of United Nations thankful to visit Imam Ali Shrine 28 January 2019
Re-gilding the minarets of Imam Ali Holy Shrine reaches advanced stages 27 January 2019
Imam Ali Holy Shrine supervises renovations of schools in Najaf 07 January 2019
Imam Ali Holy Shrine participates in the Second Shia-Catholic Forum 23 December 2018
Catholic priests and researchers visit Imam Ali Holy Shrine 22 December 2018
Norwegian Ambassador to Iraq : The character of Imam Ali has taught me a lot about Islam 13 December 2018
Imam Ali holy shrine Achieves advanced stages of ErResool ElEdhem Courtyard Project 12 December 2018
Top Quranic women selected in Iraq 05 December 2018
Missing Persons Center of Imam Ali Shrine opens more centers 24 October 2018
Pilgrims begin their march with visiting Imam Ali Holy Shrine + Photos 24 October 2018
Resting places planned for Arbaeen pilgrims 18 October 2018
Eid al-Ghadir celebrated worldwide 30 August 2018
Shia Islamic world prepares to receive Eid al-Ghadir 29 August 2018
New details on Lady Fatima al-Zahra Sanctuary and its look after completion 07 August 2018
Ongoing works in al-Rasool al-Atham Courtyard 31 July 2018

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